Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Welcome to Mommywood!

I know what you're thinking. Just what the world needs another blog. Well, maybe not. If you're reading this, you're either a faithful reader of my 'Lunch' column, a fan of my Oscar reviews for Lookonline, one of my friends who've been listening to me for ages say I would do this or someone who just happens to be on my mailing list. In any and all cases, thanks! This is for all of you who've been telling me I should write a book or a screenplay about my oh so glamorous (can you hear the sarcasm?) life as an entertainment-media-fashion journalist. This is all I can manage at the moment and I think it's a good start.

I'm going to be using this forum a number of ways. First, I must confess I'm a shameless self promoter (shocking, I know) who just happens to have gotten off track due to a little thing called motherhood. So this is designed to get things going in that department. When I became a mom in November 2005 when my husband and I traveled to China to get Madeline I could never have imagined how all consuming motherhood would be. This workaholic was brought to her knees. Juggling a professional life and motherhood has been, without question, the most difficult thing I've ever done. So, from time to time I'll be writing about that part of my life. I wish I could have done it from the very first day. I had every good intention, but the written version starts now and believe me, there's no shortage of material. I cannot believe how much I did not know before Madeline came along and I am even more daunted by things I've yet to learn. So, I'll be sharing those episodes when I think I have something interesting to say.

Most often, though, I'll be writing about the people, events and issues that are part of my professional life. The stories behind the stories, as they say, are often more interesting than what gets printed -- especially when you spend an entire day with a celebrity and your piece gets boiled down to a pull quote or a 300 word sanitized version of events. Dominick Dunne, one of my favorite authors, told me the other day that people always come up and tell him things that have led him to some of the most amazing things in his work as a journalist. When I asked him why he thought that happened, he said it was because he was open to it. "Most famous people only want to talk to other famous people," he said. "I talk to everyone because you never know who is going to tell you something great." I subscribe to that same school of thought and as a result, after the tape recorder is off, before a lunch starts, in the ladies' room or at the airport, I make use of every minute I can with the famous and infamous that cross my path. Some exchanges have been much more interesting than, like I said, the printed version turns out to be. Here's where I can share those stories with you.

I'll also be writing essays on events that spur me to do so. Right now I'm digesting the debacle of Elliot Spitzer's astonishing implosion and will be posting my thoughts on that shortly. The reactions I heard this week from folks ranging from my friend Mr. Dunne to Katie Couric to the taxi driver that drove me to Michael's restaurant have really got me thinking that aside from the incredibly interesting political story, the most devastating aspect of this whole sad mess is the impact it has had and will always have on his wife and daugthers. That's what I'll be writing about.

Lastly, I'll be using my blog to -- what else? -- promote the work I do for the good folks that keep me gainfully employed. People, Variety, mediabistro, Fashion Group International and the like. And, of course, when I finally get out of my own way to write another book I'll be writing about that as well.

I guess I have to admit I think I have a life that's worth writing about. After lunching with Kerry Kennedy and Dayle Haddon at Michael's today -- thanks to my friends at the Hallmark Channel who invited me to tag along, I dashed off to the Beauty Ball where I dished with Vera Wang and Vanessa Williams on the joys of botox for People. But the most exciting moment of the day came when I got home and Madeline, who just turned three, awoke out of a sound sleep shortly after 9 p.m. and announced, "I have to go to the bathroom" for the first time. Perhaps she won't be graduating from high school in diapers after all. Now that's big news -- at least in my house.

Stay tuned ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Diane

Just read the VF piece...and now found your blog. We brought pur daughter Madeleine (Maddie) home in November 1995.

I've read so much leading up to that day and since and still am learning every day. Your words were wonderful..I know the feeling.

September 12, 2008 at 10:45 AM  

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