Monday, December 3, 2012


The story the tabloids have been hawking since William and Kate's wedding day has finally happened. Earlier today, St. James's Palace announced Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant. She is also suffering from a severe form of morning sickness and is currently being treated at a London hospital.

The 30 year-old royal is in the "very early stages" of her pregnancy according to the palace and is expected to remain in the hospital for several days of treatment.

Kate was photographed this weekend sporting new slightly shorter hairstyle with side swept bangs that may have been a planned distraction to draw attention away from her fuller face and figure. When I first saw the photo (above) from the event my first thought was -- that girl is pregnant. I suspect that the palace was compelled to announce the pregnancy earlier than might have been originally planned because of Kate's hospital stay and that the preferred time for the big announcement would have been just before Christmas. No doubt, when the royals make their annual walk to church on Christmas morning, they'll draw record crowds eager to get a look at the mother to be.

The impending birth is sure to be one of the biggest stories in the UK and abroad as speculation goes into overdrive about every detail about the pregnancy. Overnight, Kate will become the poster girl for Yummy Mummies everywhere as everything she is seen wearing or buying for her upcoming bundle of joy is sure to sell out. The pregnancy is this year's holiday gift to celebrity glossies around the world.

The bigger, more significant story about the newest member of the British royal family involves the key role they will play in the future of the monarchy.

While William is second in line for the throne after his father Prince Charles, whether Kate and William's first born is girl or boy, the child will be next in line after William in the line of succession. In 2011, leaders in Britain and the former colonies where the monarch is head of state agreed to new rules giving females equal status to males in the order of succession.

That means if Kate gives birth to a girl and the couple decide to name her Diana, Britain could one day could have a Queen Diana.

While it would make for some great headlines, I'm guessing that the royal couple won't give their first born daughter 'Diana' as a first name but rest assured 'Diana Frances' will be well represented in some way when the time comes.

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