Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Where have you gone Matthew Crawley? Dan Stevens' alarming new look

If you had any doubts that Downton Abbey's beloved Matthew Crawley is, in fact, dead, here is the irrefutable evidence. Dan Stevens has eradicated all traces of the character that made him a household name with a stunning new look he debuted in New York City at the GLAAD awards. Looking positively gaunt and sporting a shaggy head of dark hair (we won't even discuss the mustache), Stevens seems to be taking a page out of the Hollywood starlets' playbook that espouses the 'lollipop look' as a ticket to stardom.

While we always thought he could lose a few pounds, this look is wrong, absolutely wrong for him. If you want our advice, fire your stylist, get yourself to Sharon Dorram and return to blond asap and remember you're British, for goodness sakes. To paraphrase the Dowager Countess: "Don't be so obvious about your ambitions dear,  it's very middle class."

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