Friday, July 22, 2016

Why This Presidential Election is a Nightmare to Adopted Kids Like My Daughter

We are so grateful to have been able to adopt Madeline from China. She has brought us so much joy.

I have written extensively about my experiences as a mother and adoption. I never call myself my daughter's 'adoptive mother' because that is not how I think of myself. I am her mother, my husband is her father. We are her parents, plain and simple. Madeline was born in China, but is an American citizen. Before we left to bring her home to the states, she was sworn in while in my husband's arms at the American consulate. She is proud to be an American -- and has always been no less than confident about her place in this country. This presidential has shaken that confidence -- and I won't stand for it. Words have power -- and I hope these can help stem the tide of racism that is threatening the soul of our country. Here's my latest for The Stir that explains why. Thanks for reading.


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