Friday, May 26, 2017

'Imagining Diana' Launch Off to a Great Start

This week Metabook announced that my first novel, Imagining Diana, will be published in August and the press coverage so far has been wonderful.  The book is my take on what would have happened to Princess Diana and the members of the British royal family if she had survived the crash that killed Dodi Fayed and their driver in Paris in 1997.  On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news and offered a first look at the book's incredible trailer. Today, The New York Post's media columnist Keith Kelly included Imagining Diana in a special report on Diana-related books scheduled to be released to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of her tragic death. Thanks to everyone on the Imagining Diana team and to my friends and colleagues in the media for spreading the word.
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Big News! My first novel Imagining Diana is Coming in August

I'm thrilled to announce my first novel, Imaging Diana, is coming out this summer. The publisher, Metabook, is an exciting new company which integrates original works with exclusive multimedia content. Metabook will publish Imaging Diana across multiple electronic reading platforms before making the book available in print. Imagining Diana is my fictional take on what would have happened if she had survived the crash in Paris that killed her along with Dodi Fayed and their driver in 1997. I published my first book on Diana in 1998 entitled Diana The Secrets of Her Style which chronicled her role as a style icon.  I first began thinking about the idea for Imagining Diana when I interviewed Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, for my 'Lunch' column two years ago. I was struck by how deeply I still felt about her passing and have found myself wondering what would have and could have been if she were alive over the years whenever there is a royal milestone. As someone who has been fascinated by Diana ever since she was introduced to the word as 'Shy Di,' I have missed her greatly since her death. I'm happy that she lives on in Imagining Diana. I hope I do justice to her. It is truly a dream project for me.